Monday, November 9, 2009

Make Money Online SEO Blog Introduction to Make Money

Welcome to Make Money Online Seo Blog. A Dedicated blog for newbie’s who want to learn everything about money making at internet. People around the internet uses it for searching & finding information, Chatting sending mails & other stuff available on the World Wide Web.

Now in the wide information area almost 90% people are know that there is a way to earn from Internet but the eject way they didn't know reason they come to know about these kind of information from mails, Social networking or reference from a friend. This kind of reference asks to join a network and refer to other to join us then you will get paid but how many just pennies that can never pay your bills for internet & daily needs. When we receive we start making mails, posting on social networks to expend out network to earn more & more. But In real after doing for few weeks we realize that this is just waste of time.

This is real in my case too. One day while searching internet I come to know about a site that pay to share our feeling, by answering & commenting to others. That’s the great news I immediately joined that site started posting question in my mind and also started answering others. Daily I spent 1 hour to do so but the result I see after one month that I have earned only $1.13. Oh what a great amount I dropped my dreams at this point what am I doing at this level. I switched off my computer and go for bike riding to take some relax from this. After few minutes I returned and switched on my computer. Directly go to Google searched “How to Earn Money on Internet”. What I See Google Adsense on first result. So I clicked and visited their place. They asked me to join but how I don’t know because I was totally new. Again I was out of mind what to do again. On the same week one of my friends came from America. He is a webmaster & running his own blog and forums. That’s great to hear from him. Then he guided me everything about Google. He helped me to start a blog using Metacafe video back link option. So I earned a good Amount daily app $ 10. This retinue goes to next 4 Months. One day Metacafe stopped linking back.

So my next journey begins here. In this blog I am not going to tell you about a quick rich scheme but I will try to give out some very important information that will help you to maintain your dreams working & come true for you by telling you about the make money online information & other great tools that can help you in making a big empire of earning on internet.

In two years of time I learn't many things about making money online, Search Engine optimization (SEO), Keyword, Google Page Rank, Search Engines, and Back Links & Other important Things that can tell me about making money online.

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