Sunday, November 22, 2009

Increase Google Page Rank And Alexa Rank with The Blog is Mine

Improve-Google-PR-Link-Popularity-Alexa Rank

Increasing Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank are major part of one successful blog and to Make Money Online . To increase these both things we need great SEO and back links. So for Back Links The Blog is Mine dot come is offering a great life time back link offer to all who want to increase their back links. Just Read down following link go to his blog copy code make a new post and comment back at his blog and my blog.

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Just following these simple steps and you will get the great amount of traffic, backlinks and in future increasing of Google PR and improving Alexa Ranking for your great blog. Also don’t forget to promote this article and the original article via social networking. It only means better results for you and everyone in this list.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Making Money Online With a Free Blog or Weblog

Making Money Online is working for all who really want to do work with passion and wants relaxation from daily 9 Am to 5 Pm jobs. In this article I am going to write about definition of blogs and where to get blogs to make money online.

What is a Blog or Weblog?

Simple definition of a Blog or weblog is that a website (May Be Personal or commercial) updated on regular basis on any or specific topic and the updated post always remain on the top or front page of weblog. We can say talk about writing a personal diary, collecting pictures of celebrities or automobiles from Newspaper or magazines for personal use but in online we share it with world. For Example if we have a weblog about technology so in this case we will regularly update the information about newly launched gadgets, electronic products and also about technology companies. Like the no 1 Gadget blog.

In starting we can start a blog free of cost from and get free blog for whole life once we get and come to know about blogging then easily start with our own domain on word press ( The Premier blogging platform). Making a blog with the help of blogger is just a click away from us try it yourself or just ask me I will help you out.

This is all about simply making a blog now after making a blog there comes next step of monetize of blog. I will explain this in my next article about Ways to make money online.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Earning Money on Internet is Not a Quick Rich Scheme

Peoples on internet sell many products about making money Online or Auto pilot Income. They promote it as a billion dollar scheme in which they say how others are making money online with their product. And every time you open a new product link it says you are lucky that today we are giving out 70% or 80% discount later you will be charged with original price. One who is willing to earn money spends some dollars to purchase these products. But later they realize that they have been fooled and others earned money from their foolish work.

So this is real fact that earning money from Internet is not a Quick rich scheme. It takes me two years to learn about everything on internet working. But Still I can say that I am not perfect. Daily I learn a new thing about work. In Starting I have not studied about this work and just thrown my hours into money making scheme. Started sending mails Called Spammer, Posting comments on social networking sites. But earned little amount. Later I started learning, reading Competitor Sites and professional blogger like Amit Agarwal, John Chow, Pro Blogger and other sites provides latest information about Google Search Engine, page Rank, SEO and Marketing.

I made many experiment with my blogs not only one time but again & again. In these experiments my blogs gone on the peak of organic traffic (from Search Engines) and later come to almost zero because of my own faults. But these faults make me stronger and produced a higher increased willing power to start over again & again to make money online.

In all these days I have never tried to purchase product which gives ideas to quick rich schemes. But always read everything they write to sell their products. Also I have noted that they give matrimonial in their sites not for the original buyers but they exchange their reviews with each others.

In last I say only this that read,learn, search, research and start your only money making business. Because “Slow and study wins the race” are true meaning full & magic full words. Stop running behind people who say about Quick rich scheme for earning money from Internet.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Make Money Online SEO Blog Introduction to Make Money

Welcome to Make Money Online Seo Blog. A Dedicated blog for newbie’s who want to learn everything about money making at internet. People around the internet uses it for searching & finding information, Chatting sending mails & other stuff available on the World Wide Web.

Now in the wide information area almost 90% people are know that there is a way to earn from Internet but the eject way they didn't know reason they come to know about these kind of information from mails, Social networking or reference from a friend. This kind of reference asks to join a network and refer to other to join us then you will get paid but how many just pennies that can never pay your bills for internet & daily needs. When we receive we start making mails, posting on social networks to expend out network to earn more & more. But In real after doing for few weeks we realize that this is just waste of time.

This is real in my case too. One day while searching internet I come to know about a site that pay to share our feeling, by answering & commenting to others. That’s the great news I immediately joined that site started posting question in my mind and also started answering others. Daily I spent 1 hour to do so but the result I see after one month that I have earned only $1.13. Oh what a great amount I dropped my dreams at this point what am I doing at this level. I switched off my computer and go for bike riding to take some relax from this. After few minutes I returned and switched on my computer. Directly go to Google searched “How to Earn Money on Internet”. What I See Google Adsense on first result. So I clicked and visited their place. They asked me to join but how I don’t know because I was totally new. Again I was out of mind what to do again. On the same week one of my friends came from America. He is a webmaster & running his own blog and forums. That’s great to hear from him. Then he guided me everything about Google. He helped me to start a blog using Metacafe video back link option. So I earned a good Amount daily app $ 10. This retinue goes to next 4 Months. One day Metacafe stopped linking back.

So my next journey begins here. In this blog I am not going to tell you about a quick rich scheme but I will try to give out some very important information that will help you to maintain your dreams working & come true for you by telling you about the make money online information & other great tools that can help you in making a big empire of earning on internet.

In two years of time I learn't many things about making money online, Search Engine optimization (SEO), Keyword, Google Page Rank, Search Engines, and Back Links & Other important Things that can tell me about making money online.