Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Earning Money on Internet is Not a Quick Rich Scheme

Peoples on internet sell many products about making money Online or Auto pilot Income. They promote it as a billion dollar scheme in which they say how others are making money online with their product. And every time you open a new product link it says you are lucky that today we are giving out 70% or 80% discount later you will be charged with original price. One who is willing to earn money spends some dollars to purchase these products. But later they realize that they have been fooled and others earned money from their foolish work.

So this is real fact that earning money from Internet is not a Quick rich scheme. It takes me two years to learn about everything on internet working. But Still I can say that I am not perfect. Daily I learn a new thing about work. In Starting I have not studied about this work and just thrown my hours into money making scheme. Started sending mails Called Spammer, Posting comments on social networking sites. But earned little amount. Later I started learning, reading Competitor Sites and professional blogger like Amit Agarwal, John Chow, Pro Blogger and other sites provides latest information about Google Search Engine, page Rank, SEO and Marketing.

I made many experiment with my blogs not only one time but again & again. In these experiments my blogs gone on the peak of organic traffic (from Search Engines) and later come to almost zero because of my own faults. But these faults make me stronger and produced a higher increased willing power to start over again & again to make money online.

In all these days I have never tried to purchase product which gives ideas to quick rich schemes. But always read everything they write to sell their products. Also I have noted that they give matrimonial in their sites not for the original buyers but they exchange their reviews with each others.

In last I say only this that read,learn, search, research and start your only money making business. Because “Slow and study wins the race” are true meaning full & magic full words. Stop running behind people who say about Quick rich scheme for earning money from Internet.

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